Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Sunrise, Sunset...

After a 15 hour day at the office there is not much to say except...

Was there a sunset today???

Oh well, livings must be earned.


chanit said...

עבדת הרבה היום ! מחר יום חדש, אולי תפנקי את עצמך עם יום עבודה קצר יותר?..כמה נחמד שמתקרב סוף השבוע :-)

Anonymous said...

HOpe you had a good weekend!


P.S. Glad you had a good time in Jerusalem.

Anonymous said...

Where are you ?

I miss your writing !!!

Please come back !!!

Happy Passover.

Paz said...

Happy Passover.


aja said...

Hey Chanit,
As you probably can tell, things didn't get any easier at work... But I am on vacation for Passover - a VERY long weekend 8^}

Hey Paz,
Thank you. I think I have been hibernating for the past 2 months whenever I haven't been working. Very boring and completely a stress mechanism I'm sure.

Happy Passover, Happy Easter and Happy Spring to you all.