Thursday, February 07, 2008

Feed The Birds

Mary Poppins is one of the seminal movies in my life.

It is one of those movies that any little girl born in the early 60's saw and loved.

Ok, so I am getting on in life... I even have grey hairs on my head having a love fest and procreating rapidly. But that doesn't stop me from reverting to childhood once in a while.

Well before anybody knew about laughing yoga, you had the scene at Uncle Albert's, with everybody bobbing up to the ceiling laughing until they cried. The penguins serving tea and dancing still makes me smile. But the song that I always loved best was feed the birds. There just seemed to be such poignancy about it. And who wouldn't want to feed birds rather than save pennies?

Somebody obviously bought too many baguettes for the weekend, and instead of being frugal and making breadcrumbs or French toast, they decided to feed the birds.

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