Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Skies Opened

Today the skies opened up...
and let out all of the bathwater.

Which isn't usually a bad thing - I like rain. I even like going for walks in the rain. I admit to not particularly enjoying driving my scooter in the rain, but that is more a case of sheer self preservation. Israeli drivers are bad at the best of times, making the French and Italians seem calm and reserved, but on rainy days they seem to get perverse pleasure from swerving into the deepest puddles just so they can see how big a rooster-tail they can make. And I can sort of see the fun in that, but... not when it means swerving without looking, and cutting me off, or worse still, the guy in front of me or the guy to the side of me - who then don't look when they swerve to avoid the original maniac.

Being originally Canadian I know about dressing for the weather. I am a veritable onion, with layer after layer protecting me from the iniquities of the weather. But but occassionally we get a day like today which serves up what would be termed a tropical storm anywhere else in the world. Centimeters of rain falling in a very short time. And my layers, even though supposedly waterproof, just don't match up to the drenching I get.

And of course, the weather seems to be as contrary as the people, and instead of short sharp cloud bursts spread out over the course of the year, we have heavy rain falling for hours on end. But for only a couple of days a year. And we Israelis welcome the deluge - the rains of February have to fill up the Sea of Gallilee so that it can provide water for the country for the rest of the year.

So really, I don't mind the rain, except on days like today, when I have to get all dressed up and go for a job interview - because inevitably I will arrive literally dripping, creating puddles wherever I stand, and little trails wherever I walk. And I feel like a fool - and that doesn't make the interview process any easier...

But now I am home safe, in dry clothes, sipping my tea and enjoying the rainbow after the rain.

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