Sunday, October 01, 2006

Yom Kippur

This is a post about not eating...

Yom Kippur is the Fast of Atonement.

You are supposed to repent and ask forgiveness from all those who you have erred against {I use the word erred because there are so many possible depths to its meaning} Really religious people fast and pray from sunset to sunset, usually going to synagogue for at least part, if not all of the time spent repenting. The less religious, like yours truly, spend the day sleeping, reading, watching rented movies {all the tv channels are shut down from about 16h00 - you get a message saying have a good fast - not even music, same with the radio stations} and wandering the streets aimlessly.

to that end, for the past few weeks the local stores and repairmen

have been frantically active

selling, fixing, and filling with air, bicycles of all shapes and sizes.

From what I have experienced here in this odd country, this is the national festival of bikes. To that end it is not specific to any religion except that of feeling young and enjoying yourself.

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