Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Green Almonds

Green almonds are just ending their season. Everywhere I go there are bags of almonds waiting for people to take them home. Peeling the fuzzy green nuts takes patience and you need alot of the whole nuts to make up a half kilo of ready to use nuts.

They are a great way to pass the time while watching TV or sit gossiping and keeping your hands occupied.

Once peeled you can eat them as is, throw them into salads or, my favourite, make them into a fresh almond milk smoothie. What's interesting about this is that the almonds make the milk, water, simple syrup and water mixture whiter than white and whiter than any single element. It tastes a little like freezing liquid marzipan and is wonderfully refreshing on a really hot day. There is an almond syrup called Rozeta that you can use instead of turning your fingers green. Oddly enough it is made of almonds and the kernels inside of peach pits

Honestly though, the best way to drink almond milk smoothies is to go to a kiosk near the Jaffa flea market, watch the little old man in his kippa whizz it up, and then wander the market hunting for bargains. Heaven!


burekaboy — said...

peeling them? ha, i'm too lazy. i usually just bite into them and chew. extra fibre! aren't they eaten with salt there? i love my jawz ahdar. we can get them here in spring around pesach.

aja said...

Jawz ahdar - does that translate into jaw workout? You eat them with the green fuzzy coating and all? Interesting. I've only eaten them kindof like plain roasted peanuts at a ballgame - no salt, just crack eat and drop (into the waiting garbage bin)

burekaboy — said...

yup fuzzy coating & all, thoroughly grossing out my lebbie friend as i crunch through it. very uncouth, i know. maybe the salt thing is more the arabic custom/way than israeli.