Monday, August 21, 2006

Jaffa in Summer

Sunshine and melons, this is summer in Israel. The question is what to do with the abundance that threatens to take over the limited space in my fridge. The answer - melon daiquiries of course!

melon, icecubes, vodka, sugar syrup and lemon juice or, homemade limoncello, no vodka, no lemon and less syrup - swirl it up in a blender, sit back and think...
"40 degrees in the shade and I couldn't be cooler!"

When the daiquiries threaten to overwhelm me with their abundance, I cut the melon into cubes and freeze them for later use as further daiquirie fodder (regular or virgin) or tasty icecubes in lemonade.


burekaboy — said...

so this is how you start your blog with alcohol-filled melon daiquiries?! LOL -- BRILLIANT.

how big {or should i say small} is that fridge of yours? i shudder to think of the answer. are we talking danby dormroom/british style?

aja said...

Hey BB,
I inherited my fridge from a friend - she got herself a half-sized one to fit into the kitchen in her new apartment. It is a full sized job with a nice big freezer. And it is even frost free, which here is a big deal. But I have lots of greenery in there, all kinds of leaves and veg, and melons are not small items, and they need to be well chilled to do the daiquiri thing. Honest, I'm not a lush, I just have a well supplied liquor cabinet 8^)

burekaboy — said...

lush or no lush, with a frost free freezer u must be the envy of the neighbourhood! lol.