Friday, November 17, 2006


My favourite day of the week.

Everything was so bright and cheerful at the Carmel Market, even the tomatoes seemed to be on parade today. I didn't get alot - I don't really need anything, what with my organic CSA delivery on Mondays, but it is always fun getting little extras. Todays treat was a tiny container of gorgeous, bright orange ikura - Russian style salmon roe to be eaten on a bowl of steamed rice with some shredded Nori. My version of almost heaven.

I got a few vanilla pods too. I paid 12 shekels (about US$2.75) for one, and then I found somebody else doing a 2fer, so I got a pair from him. One of them already has a destination - my creme de marrons. The others have a fate that varies from minute to minute. In other words, I don't have the faintest clue what I will do with my bounty of beans. Last of my purchases were a pair of alligator pears - Hass, my favourite.

Dinner tonight was a chicken and chestnut soup with some fresh The Bread..
Simple and satisfying.


chanit said...

I've never been at the Carmel Market, and I like going to the local market with my son, we always come back with full hands of fresh veg and fruits, for a week... I like your soup,and your pics are realy great ! :-)

aja said...

Hey Chanit,
Thank you for the kind compliment!

I love the Carmel Market, it is so much fun, with amazing fruit and veg. There are also a couple of good Asian stores (Balagan and the Far Eastern Market) that have all kinds of supplies for Chinese, Japanese and Thai cooking.

What is also fun about the market is that I know some of the vendors now and I always have chats with them. I even had just a regular shopper stop me this week to say he's seen me there many times, always taking photographs - so I told him (blushingly) about my blog. 8^) I'm almost famous!

Paz said...

I'd love to go to your market with you! I think it'd be fun!


aja said...

Hey Paz,
Honestly, if you ever come out this way, you have a place to stay and a built in guide (well, for the tel aviv - jaffa area anyways...) 8^)