Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Going Potty

This means going crazy in British English, so please don't get me wrong!

Israeli drivers have to be some of the worst I have ever encountered. They make the drivers I encountered in Cairo, Kathmandu, Delhi, Mumbai, Mexico City and New York look polite, considerate and law-abiding. The number of times per day that I have some maniac yell at me after I point my finger symbolically and shoot them dead, is ridiculous. After all, they have just cut me off not once but twice, wavering across the road and driving in 3 lanes at once. They think that they have the law on their side (which they don't in theory, but in practice they do because the cops never ever stop them or ticket them) and they act like I am just some little scooteriste who has no right to be on the road.

And on rainy days, like today, they are even worse - either driving at 10km/hr or at 140 in a 40 zone... I have no clue how they got their licenses, but in the majority of cases I am confident in saying that baksheesh passed hands. So that is one reason why I am going potty today.

At the urging of Tanna of My Kitchen in Half Cups and Lindy of Toast (whose blogs are most excellent and if you haven't already, you should go and visit them) I am going to attempt to make an oval casserole for The Bread.

But I need to practice first and make a couple of regular ones; refresh my memory on how to make the lid fit properly, getting the height right, what kind of handles, etc. So tonight I started and have 2 on the go: one full sized one and one half-sized (for single people loaves or pots au feu). Progress reports will be posted...

And that is the other reason...


burekaboy — said...

i am sure it will come out brilliantly after a few tries. waiting to see the results & modifications.

as for drivers, u really take your life in your hands driving in israel. i am sure you utter a baruch hashem each time you arrive safely at a destination. (italy is no fun either when they drive up narrow one way streets at high speed).

aja said...

Hey BB,
Thanks for the vote of confidence!
As to the drivers, I think I am saying the prayer for the dead in anticipation... just kidding 8^P But I am thankful when I reach my destination in one piece!

burekaboy — said...

oops, forgot to say driving THE WRONG WAY up a oneway street! that would be more perilous, wouldn't it.

aja said...

Hey BB,
Actually, no - going the wrong way down a one way street you can at least see the drivers as they are out to kill you. You wouldn't believe how many scooterists are hit from behind by people trying to pass.