Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Parts of the Whole

I like looking at life from a macro point of view.

Doesn't this look like something that you should be eating?

And is this a fold of flesh, the pink ear of an elephant (after a bath of course), starch stiffened linen or thinly rolled out marzipan?

The possibilities are endless, if you let your imagination run wild. This could be a cat's tongue or some sort of sea creature - the lips of a scallop perhaps?

But no, it is a gift, from a friend and from nature.


burekaboy said...

your house must smell INCREDIBLE from those lilies. i think, btw, u can extend their lives by removing the pollen thingies with a kleenex.

aja said...

Yeah, well I could remove the pollen thingies, but personally, I think they add to the character of the flower. And I am much more a frangipani person for smells than lilies (yes the house does smell incredible, but only if you like the smell of lilies, which I candidly admit I do not, when they are in enclosed places, like inside buildings. BUT I love how they look, and my all time favourites are the tiger lilies that used to grow by the creek behind our house. Wild, non-hybrid, completely natural, non-manipulated) And I love the smell of lily of the valley, which also grew wild near our house.

Sorry about the long answer for the short comment, I got carried away... Flowers do that to me 8^)

chanit said...


burekaboy — said...

i love the pollen thingies, personally. ...and yup, had a feeling u weren't gonna like the intense smell of the lilies. cloying sweet, i suspect. my mother had a thing for tiger lilies which she grew in the garden. i remember them growing profusely & the bright orange and browns of the flowers mixed with the greens of the tall stalks and very long leaves. nice combo.

btw...some of those pix are kind of very o'keefe-esque imho ;p no's 3 & 4, in particular. don'tcha luv that macro??!! what are the white ones behind the lily?

sorry about a long reply? pshah!

aja said...

Hey BB,
Wow, thank you!! what a compliment, Georgia O'Keefe was such a genius!, I blush...

Hey Chanit,
תודה רבה