Monday, February 11, 2008

I Feel Like a Song

I am so excited...

I have never been quoted verbatim before and tonight I came home from a great evening to discover that someone had delved into MudPies in Jaffa, liked what they read and quoted me!

To begin at the beginning, I received a phone call last week from my former boss to personally invited me to the office party in celebration of a successful merger and the official declaration of the new company logo. Not one to cut off my nose to spite my face I accepted blithely (and gladly - I may no longer work there, but after 7 years, alot of people had become part of my extended family, especially as my immediate family here in Israel are relatively new to me - ie, I only discovered them when I came to live here).

And besides, this being Israel and an office party there was food and drink to be had at no charge. The entertainment was sure to entertain the Sabras, but not having grown up on Israeli cultural fertilizer, I wasn't so sure about it. Turns out that I was wrong!

I actually enjoyed myself, apart from just seeing my "family". I understood all of the "in" jokes made by the company spokesman, a comedian by the name of Eyal Kitsis, and the video that they showed, made with the participation of all of the senior management, was very funny and professionally amateurish... a clever take off of:
meets Close Encounters (photo from IMDB)

And then they had a live band...

Now in the past they have had acts that meant absolutely nothing to me - Sarit Hadad and her ilk -Israeli singers whose style is distinctly Middle Eastern - lots of lululu-ing and wailing and definitely not where my head is at (I am, after all a product of North American post-60's hardcore, skipping the disco era and heading straight into punk... and then beyond into industrial, with a bit of old-timey bluegrass and opera - go figure, I am a collection of contradictions...

So a whole evening of Mizrahi music, just doesn't sit well with me.

But tonight I was very pleasantly surprised when the band turned out to be Mashina (about the only band here in Israel that I genuinely know and like...) What a treat, music I like and can dance to!

So having danced my feet off and really having had a good night, I came home to discover that I was being quoted! The only thing I can say is "I am chuffed!" Which translates into pleased as punch! So thank you Israelity, and I hope your day turns out as nicely as mine has done!


Lirun said...

glad u were pleasantly surpised..

shame it was a surprise..

aja said...

Hey Lirun,
I like surprises - especially nice ones, as this one was...
Thanks for dropping by.