Monday, September 25, 2006

Good Design?

I am not sure if this is good design or merely amusing.

I walk along the streets here

and there are utilitarian socialist, modern cubist, British colonial, Bauhaus, Miesian and Arab seraglio buildings all jumbled side by side with no thought, no reason or rhyme.

Add in artwork, Israeli independence, penguin and cow competition sculptures, revolving, fire spouting, music blaring fountains, tree lined boulevards, Rami Meiri murals and echoing public gathering spaces.

Good design?

or Bad Taste?

You decide...


veuveclicquot said...

uh wow... that last building seems over-designed to me. Too many anges and styles going on. Or maybe my taste is a too conservative and I have no eye for good architecture!! ;)

aja said...

Personally, I think it is the architects eye that isn't so good. FYI the smallest apartment in that building goes for about USD1.5 million - it is right on the road across from the beach.

veuveclicquot said...

{choke} $ 1.5 mil!??!

yes, it's a great location, but...! I'm speechless...!

aja said...

Im seriious, and we aren't talking HUGE - more like 1400 square feet, including the balcony. Tel Aviv is somewhere in and amongst the most expensive cities to buy in. But you can still find some great bargains, if you want an older place. And besides, it is a great place to live, in spite of the obvious problems ;^}