Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Pesto seems to be the blogpost of the week. Everywhere I look, someone is blogging about pesto. Now, this wouldn't be so bad but they all seem to bemoan the fact that that is all they have to post about.

Me personally, I could write an ode to pesto (if I were that way inclined). Other than al burro or ali oli, what could be simpler or more satisfying? Ok, the former is just butter, the latter olive oil and garlic, with parmesan finishing them both off. Pesto adds 2 extra ingredients, fresh basil and pinenuts, to the fat and cheese mix.

What you end up with is something that can send me into transports of delight.

Or, will induce friends to pretend they are spagetti vampires...

It's amazing how much air basil leaves seem to contain. The cup you see above has about 450 ml of really tightly packed leaves (no stems) from Chubeza, 75 ml of garlic amd 150 ml of pine nuts with another 100 ml waiting to be added when there was space. To this was added about 200 ml of really good olive oil (a first cold pressing from the spagetti vampires own olive groves!).

The parmigiano reggiano was actually artistic license - I add it freshly microplaned when I serve the pasta, with a big bowl on the side for extras. The only other things I add at the table is lots of freshly ground black pepper and some dried chilis.

This is the sum total of all of the parts - airless now, and my vase hairless.

And this is what went into the freezer for later, happy consumption.

The tomatoes were doused in more of the vampire's olive oil with some ...
Maldon salt and black pepper, what else?

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