Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Night Trippin'

Probably literally...

We are going on the equivalent of a class trip this evening. This is a really common thing here, most companies arrange a trip once a year. Big companies, like the one I work for, do it by department. Smaller companies go all together and basically close down shop for the day. Companies that have generous budgets will even arrange for a long weekend away, whereas those with Really Generous budgets will arrange for a long weekend away abroad!

One thing that all of the various trips involve is copious quantities of food. Our trip is slightly unusual as we are doing it at night. We are being picked up by bus at 22h00 and will be returning about 12 hours later, stuffed like sausages and ready for a long nap. But as we don't have to work on Thursday not only will I get to have a nap, it will be like I having a long weekend (jump for joy) !

So I have scootered home to change into human being clothes and pick up things necessary for a trip into a desert wadi in the dark. Actually, it shouldn't be too dark because it is a full moon tonight.

We are heading south from Tel Aviv, going towards the Dead Sea.

If I don't post tomorrow it is because I have floated across to Jordan.

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