Saturday, January 20, 2007

Beans Beans...


Are they good for your heart?

Are they a magical fruit?

Are they a vegetable?

Well, in French they are a vegetable - legume,
but only if you translate literally.

Or would that then be figuratively?

And are lentils a bean?

Corn isn't a bean,
But popcorn is always beside the beans in stores...

And succotash is lima beans and corn...

Are mung beans still considered beans

once they sprout?

Do kidney beans have tiny little organs?

And what about edamame?


Gledwood said...

I noted you called your blog "Jaffa Mud Pies" - do you mind my asking why you picked this name? I'm just fascinated to know... We have a sort of biscuits over here called Jaffa Cakes. They are simply gorgeous!!!

... I just clicked out and viewed your profile... NOW I see, Jaffa, Israel, huh? Are you American? I noticed you use American spellings...

These Jaffa CAKES I was talking about are little fluffy cakes with a sliver of orange jelly on top, half covered in chocolate. They're really lovely!!

Okay, all the best,


aja said...

Hey Gledwood,
Thanks for dropping by. Well, Jaffa MudPies is kindof a play on the fact that I live in Jaffa, and I like cooking and I also do pottery - both of which I think of as making mudpies... and besides, when I was a kid I was a REAL specialist at making extra gooey, creamy, thick mudpies with leaves and twigs sprinkled on top for decoration.

And I am originally from the colonies (Canada) and we used to get Terry's Jaffa Cakes as special treats. But they are extremely difficult to find over here. Next time you have one, think of me!
Cheers 8^)

burekaboy — said...


aja said...

Hey BB,
Supercalifragilistic and Abkedefskyjeklminovskystuwicksez too!

burekaboy — said...

LOL -- re: previous comment to mine: does that make us colonialists? i've never thought myself to be one but it's kinda cool. at least, we don't have any thieves and sheep involved. (or do we?)

what the heck are jaffa cakes?? never heard of 'em.

burekaboy — said...

Abkedefskyjeklminovskystuwicksez too

is that polish? ;P you're so multilingual

aja said...

Hey BB,
Jaffa cakes are soft cookies with an orange splodge of jam, covered in chocolate.
Yup. we be colonialists...
And the abkedefsky... is from Sesame Street - sung by Big Bird... so maybe it is in birdish - it is actually how he reads the alphabet - abcdefg - I goofed and wrote sky instead of ghee... my bad