Saturday, January 13, 2007

Some of My Favourite Flowers

Until I came to Israel I had only ever heard about these...

I always associated them with the sea.

For no other reason than their name.

I never imagined that they would be so simple,

Or so whimsical.

Their colours are incredibly rich and intense.

But for all their seeming simplicity
They are elegantly sophisticated.

Nature certainly likes to play games.

I love anemones.

It just took me a long time to learn how to say it
Without twisting my tongue in a knot.


paz said...

LOL! I'm lucky I haven't twisted my tongue in a know. ;-) Beautiful flowers!

burekaboy — said...

insanely beautiful closeup pix, as usual :)) oh macro how we love you!

aja said...

Hey Paz,
Just don't try saying it if you are tired... 8^}

Hey BB,
Too right we love our macro... And having beautiful flowers helps 8^}