Tuesday, January 09, 2007


This is one of my favourite things...

Passionfruit by any other name would still taste as sweet.

In fact, when I was growing up, I knew them as grenadilla and we would occassionally get teeny tiny little cans of pulp from South Africa. These were cherished and saved until needed to make the perfect fruit salad. My grandmother used to say that fruit salad without grenadilla was like an egg without salt or a man without a moustache. My grandmother had very firm ideas about certain things. But she was definitely right - passionfruit "finishes" a fruit salad.

Now I am lucky enough to live in a country where these are easily available (especially if you have friends with a tenacious vine). So to make a divine curd filling for a sponge cake I use de-seeded passionfruit pulp instead of most of the lemon juice and watch peoples eyes light up.

And sometimes I am lucky enough to find maracuja concentrate sold at grocery stores with large South American clientelle. Just add a splash to soda water and enjoy a fizzy passionfruit drink that is thirst quenching, delicious and marvellously exotic.

Passionfruit, no matter by what name they are called, are one of lifes most amazing fruits. I will eat them any way I can get them... instead of eggs for breakfast, or cracked over a bowl of vanilla icecream - heaven!


burekaboy — said...

looks like i missed the boat ... (didn't think u were posting yet, you sneak! hehe. glad the strength is up to do so again).

as always, fantastic pix. would never have guessed. i opted for rotted roasted green peppers as per yudit but then i didn't think you'd post such a thing, now would u? :)

my guess woulda been mick jagger's tongue gone jaundiced for jan. 8's pic. just nasty if you ask me.

i only knew about these because of my parents, too. they were NOT something people had ever heard about. now they are commonly known.

yudit said...

Asto burekab's comment: it wouldn't be her favorite, that's what got me puzzled.
although perhaps one could make wine out of it? or bread?

Jack B. said...

I am a native Israeli who "thinks" he knows Jaffa well. You and your stories make me wonder ...
I wish I could meet with you pr ask you a few questions from time to time.
Your blog is one of my very few daily favorites.
Jack B.

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

That's a good choice! I love passionfruit. It's so wonderful...

aja said...

Hey BB,
Actually, I am still feeling related to your imagery of MJ's tongue!

And aren't we lucky to have had parents who introduced us to interesting and challenging concepts! Thanks M&D!!

Hey Yudit,
Having not looked into my fridge for a week I found something very similar to your runaway bell peppers! Good thing I had regained my strength and could slam the fridge before it escaped!

Hey Jack B,
Thank you so much for the kind compliment! Perspective and perception are different for everybody - I am sure you see things in Jaffa that I have never even noticed! You can always contact me at aj kent Atg maildot com. I'm not sure how many answers I can give to your questions, but I will try!

Hey Rosa,
Hmmm, I wonder whether your King David cookies would work with passionfruit instead of (or in addition to) lemon? Those are 2 of my favourite flavours. but they sure look weird up close!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

I'm sure that the cookies would work (maybe with a bit more flour added to the mix)...
Yes, lemons are also wonderful and add a magical touch to any dish!

aja said...

Hey Rosa,
Good idea about the liquid/dry ratio - I actually hadn't thought about that...
Now I have to visit my aunt and collect more passionfruit 8^]