Monday, December 04, 2006


Just a few of the different types of baklava...
and all available in my neighbourhood!

Regular baklava,
filled with chopped pistachios and doused in sugar syrup

Kadai'f pastry (shredded wheat, middle eastern style)
rolled around chopped almonds and pinenuts

Kadai'f nests filled with whole pistachios.

Almost traditional Kadai'fe -
rolls of the shredded wheat with a sweet cheese filling,
coloured and flavoured with saffron.

My favourite!


burekaboy — said...

whoaaaa how i could eat it til i explode. lol. love those little nids d'oiseaux. looks like birdy left a few green/brown eggs. hehe. ;P

aja said...

Did you know they don't have robins here - so no robin's egg blue... And they don't dye pistachios red here either!