Saturday, December 16, 2006

Saturday in Jaffa

How cool is it to be able to wander around an ancient city
and be able to call it home?

And what makes old Jaffa special is that it is still a living city.

People live there, and work there.

It isn't just a place for tourists
gazing and wondering what life must have been like there

Admittedly, the majority of it's residents are artists or retirees.
But that just adds to the atmosphere.

And it means that it is also an open-air art gallery, with the walls hung with everchanging displays, permanent pieces and objets d'arts lurking in the many corners the labyrinth of alleyways makes. It is easy to discover something new, interesting or just beautiful there

And after a day spent in the open air, it is a lovely treat to go to the boardwalk and the delicious food at Manta Ray... my favourite restaurant.

Tzatziki with tempura eggplant

Grey mullet marinated with red onions and sumach

The Mixxxed Black Pot

Decadent Crunchy Chocolate
The best dessert in the entire universe...

Dark and milk chocolate ganache on a carmelized graham cracker
with date & whisky icecream

Exactly what the name says...

And thank you for those who told me I'd lit my candles wrong...
Tonight I did it correctly...

There is a first time for everything,
and last night was my first time ever to light Channukah candles!


burekaboy — said...

beautiful pictures, aja. i think i have become a manta ray lover through them! especially that dessert. not normal, i tell you.

happy 2nd light. may they burn bright.

של מי חנוכיה הזאת? היא שונה מהראשונה
on 2nd look, maybe not.

aja said...

Hey BB,
Thanks... When you come to visit you'll get to see Manta Ray up close and personal 8^) That really is the most amazing dessert - a Mary Poppins if ever there was one...

It is the same chanukkiah, but with a different background (a painting by my dad)


Dianne said...

The ceramics are stunning and the blog is cool!


aja said...

Hey Dianne,
Thanks your dropping by.
What a great compliment - never had my stuff called stunning before (envision chuffed me here 8^)
Thanks & cheers!

burekaboy — said...

luggage is half-packed, make reservations fast & order triples of that dessert!

you know, i really thought it was a brick background like the wall of a fireplace! so cool.

ps. your stuff IS gorgeous. :)

aja said...

Hey BB,
You know you're welcome here... especially when you shower me with compliments!