Saturday, December 16, 2006

Hope III

Nobody should go hungry in this world.


Like anybody who is even remotely human, I like to have affirmation. Think Sally Fields' Oscar acceptance speech "... you like me - right now, you like me!" Well, that's how I have felt every time someone has donated to Menu for Hope IIII and said they want to have a chance to win my prize. Thanks y'all (you know who you are...)

There are still 6 1/2 days left to put your money where your heart is, namely the right place, and make a donation for the UN World Food Programme. And of course I know there are people out there who have been shy up 'til now, but I know you like me, and I know you'd love to get your mits on my amazing prize.

Just think, you could be the owner of an original, hand-made-in-Jaffa plate with an original drawing - your choice of demure or provocative, that can be used to serve on, bake with and just display - and if you need to clean it, just pop it into the dishwasher... how great is that. And not only that, but there are a pile of packages filled with exotic spice mixtures (and some recipes to boot). And if that isn't enough, there is also some of the most amazing halvah tucked in there as well. You've never had anything like it, really!

So c'mon, dig deep and help us make this years Menu for Hope even more of a success than it already is (almost $20,000 and counting!).

And just in case you're wondering how I spent my Saturday...

This time it was 2 cups AP, and 1/2 cup each whole wheat and rye flours.

Don't you just love The Bread?


burekaboy — said...

i love YOUR bread. good luck with the draw! sounds like a gift well worth bidding for. :)

aja said...

Hey BB,
Thank you and thank you!

david said...

Aja: Your pottery (and spices) are getting quite a bit of bids! Thanks again for donating such beautiful prizes and hope one of your readers gets to enjoy one of your handmade pieces in their home for years to come!

aja said...

Hey David,
The thanks should really go out to all those generous people who have donated to this years Menu for Hope and the organizers who have encouraged, cajoled and canoodled the event into existence and contributed so much to its success (hint hint, that means you!)... 8^)