Sunday, December 24, 2006

Jaffa on Christmas Eve

This is Jaffa on Christmas Eve...

I visit my neighbours and am given a sunflower...

Wandering from church to church,
there are no choirs singing, no censers being swung.

Instead, busloads of tourists being taken on guided tours of the Holy Land on its holiest night. The flash of cameras, the chatter about things that have no meaning except to those chattering.

Nothing earthshaking.

So I walk to through the sculpture courtyard, disappointed.

And discover 2 pieces that I have never noticed before.

I like surprises!

To all my family, and to my friends new and old,
May the goodwill and joy of the holidays
Be with you all through the coming year.

Merry Christmas to all,
And to all a good night!


burekaboy — said...

always wondered what Xmas in the Holy Land would be like. you know how it is here in canada, lights flashing on every corner you turn, christmas mania every place you look. nice pix, aja. love the colours in the flower one.

so, bonne soirée on a very green xmas night from a land far away. tomorrow is you-know-what day here. day? ha! it's now the whole week. nothing open til 1 pm though and then watch out!!

aja said...

Hey BB,
Thanks for the wishes and good luck with the remaining 11 days of Christmas!

burekaboy — said...

does the fun (n)ever end? the snow finally came down today in heaps! perfect for bonhommes de neiges and snow angels. the kids outside are lovin' it.

off to look at fresh snow....

paz said...

I love sunflowers! Insteresting garden. I like surprises, too.

Happy Holidays!

Paz ;-)

aja said...

Hey BB,
Ooh fresh snow - it's great for 10 minutes and then the grey starts to show up... I hope you enjoyed it while it was still lovely.

Hey Paz,

I think it is very strange though, having sunflowers at Christmas... That in itself is big surprise!

I hope you have a wonderful holiday and a very Happy New Year.